Welcome to the Vendor Portal Learning Center!  This site presents tutorials that will provide you with the knowledge and information you need as you become acquainted with the functions of the portal.

The Vendor Portal is a hosted application that enables vendor companies to manage electronic document exchange with their trading partners. As a hosted service, all you need is an Internet browser, user ID, and password to get started. There is nothing to install, no additional equipment is needed, and updates to the features and functions are made available automatically the next time you log on.

Click a link below to open a tutorial in a new browser window. (The links are presented in the recommended order of completion.)

Click here to open the Vendor Portal site (https://vendorportal.gxs.com).

If you have questions about the functions of the Vendor Portal, please contact Customer Support at +1 800 499 6544. If you have questions about any of our courses please contact Learning Services. And visit the Learning Center frequently, as we will post links to additional courses as they become available.

Note: The tutorials presented in the Vendor Portal Learning Center provide an overview of OpenText | GXS products and their functions and are not intended to be comprehensive guides for users who work with the product on a regular basis. For comprehensive user information, view the documentation and online help included with each product.